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At Wales McLelland Construction we believe we have a responsibility to consider how we, as an industrial/commercial builder and construction company, can do business every day to create a positive impact on our employees, the community, and the planet. A concern for sustainable building practices and environmental protection are at the forefront of every project, and we are continually proud to bring LEED™ and other green building projects to successful completion. We are a carbon neutral company and proud members of the Canada Green Building Council; whose mission is to lead and accelerate Canada’s transformation to high-performing, healthy, green buildings and communities.

LEED™ Certification & Expertise

 Established in 1998, LEED™ is a rating system that sets environmental and sustainability standards for construction projects. It is an internationally recognized and respected system that provides a framework for identifying and implementing practical and measurable solutions for ‘green’ design, construction, operations, and maintenance. We have detailed knowledge of the LEED™ rating system from initial design and planning, through the construction phase, to post-construction testing and commissioning. We have successfully delivered several LEED™ certified buildings including: the LEED™ Gold Certified College of the Rockies in Cranbrook, BC; LEED™ Gold Certified BCGEU offices in Langley, BC; LEED™ Silver certified Frito Lay (Pepsico) in Surrey, BC; and a number of LEED™ Registered projects.

Carbon Neutral

 To qualify as carbon neutral, a company must document and prove it has net zero carbon emissions. Since 2010, we have worked closely with Offsetters, a leading carbon management solutions provider, to understand our total carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emissions. We then worked to reduce our carbon ‘footprint’ as much as possible and combined this with credits from a selection of carbon offset projects with the highest degree of positive social and environmental impact. We contribute to offset projects that work to develop sustainable and renewable energy sources and create increased energy efficiency through permanent reductions. Consequently, we neutralize our carbon footprint and can then apply our knowledge and skill to our clients’ projects to reduce and even eliminate their carbon footprint as well. 


Wales McLelland Construction has been operating in Vancouver for over 40 years with professional expertise in General Contracting, Design-Build, Construction Management, sustainable and LEED™ building, tilt-up construction, and pre-design planning and consulting services.