Benefits of a Trusted Partner

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Benefits of a Trusted Partner


At Wales McLelland Construction, we strive to be partners with our clients and to give them the utmost confidence in us to treat them with respect. We maintain the following ideals to deliver on our promise and continue our legacy as, “A Trusted Partner Since 1971”.



Wales McLelland Construction aims to keep the client up to date at all times and to instill confidence during every stage of the construction process by providing the advice and guidance to ensure a quality building and a highly functioning facility. Our professional and approachable associates are committed to maximizing the growth of our clients business. We are efficient, and stand by our pricing. Through a trusted and diversified infrastructure, we maintain the excellent service upon which we have built our reputation and legacy, both based on quality construction and repeat clients.

Pre-Construction Planning


Wales McLelland Construction can assist with real estate selection, project planning, scope and definition. Our clients come to us with a specific vision in mind for development; this vision may be to expand their existing premises or to build a completely new facility. When embarking upon a building project clients are facing many unknowns, and we understand that in addition to the construction work, the client is simultaneously operating a growing company. With our over 40 years of experience in the industrial/commercial construction business we are able to offer our clients all-encompassing, client-focused service with consideration for the unique needs of each business. If the client has an existing property, we begin with preliminary drawings illustrating how the building will best fit on that property, we guide them through the process making each stage as transparent as possible, then provide a detailed quote for the entire project. If there is a requirement for new property, or there is one of interest, we execute the same process with the option of modifying the design or assisting the client in finding an alternative property that better suits their ideal design. Either way, the complete process is presented and clients can be confident they are getting exactly what they envisioned, will know how much it will cost, and will get no unwanted surprises.



Wales McLelland Construction has a proven track record and is able to submit pricing on projects with already existing designs. We maintain a transparent process and serve as a consultant, helping the client with decision making for the remainder of the project. We encourage collaboration, and the degree to which they are involved is determined by each client. We source competitive pricing and assemble a sound proposal and estimate; providing a level of confidence that we have appropriately defined exactly what the project will entail.



Wales McLelland Construction is able to mentor and advise clients on sustainable construction practices and how to be more conscious of their impact on the environment. Sustainability and Green building initiatives are of paramount importance to us. We have taken the initiative to become a carbon-neutral company, and to not add to a client’s carbon footprint. We strive to support our client’s sustainability and environmental goals by utilizing green building technologies and practices, and have spent considerable time researching and understanding the 80 PLUS –Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum efficiency level LEED™ certification system. We are equipped to educate our clients and offer them every Green building option to minimize their environmental impact while maximizing their financial return.


Wales McLelland Construction has been operating in Vancouver for over 40 years with professional expertise in General Contracting, Design-Build, Construction Management, sustainable and LEED™ building, tilt-up construction, and pre-design planning and consulting services.