Wales McLelland Workforce Goes Digital

Several times a day, our project Site Superintendents pull out their iPads, take pictures and add pertinent information about their job site's progress for quality assurance and reporting purposes.

Almost instantly, this data is transmitted back to Wales McLelland’s headquarters for analysis.

In the not-so-distant past, Superintendents used a digital camera to take pictures, download the images to a wired computer at the site office, then upload them to a secure online location.  This process took time, required multiple steps and often involved working around common computer glitches.  That’s all changed.

Today, iPads and other mobility devices are advancing the way we work in the field.

Our Superintendents now have more flexibility with their on-site time and greater agility to perform project tasks and communications.
Senior Site Superintendent, Ray Shareski enjoys that his iPad enables higher efficiencies and ease of use while allowing him to spend more time at his four project sites.

“I’m no longer tethered to a desk,” he enthuses. “The iPad camera is fantastic for taking and cataloguing images, enlarging them for a detailed view and forwarding them on to the Project Manager.  Having mobile reporting and communications processes certainly makes daily tasks streamlined and easier to manage.”

Mobile devices and wireless technology also come in handy on the job site to easily view email communication, study drawings, and wirelessly print spreadsheets and plans.

Kudos to our software designer James Faulkner of Faulkner Brand for helping us create and roll out our innovative new “smart system”.  Not only does it help Superintendents transmit information to headquarters, it also includes a virtual project dashboard that everybody at the office can see and feel a connection to the job.

This information exchange brings everyone together with a higher level of transparency and collaboration, in real-time.   It’s very 21st century!  And we are pretty certain it's the first like it in the construction industry.

At Wales McLelland, we are committed to project excellence and technical evolution ensuring our processes continue to evolve and that our staff is empowered using the most advanced technology.