Sonny Wong - Reflections on 40 Years With Wales McLelland

When I was asked to write a blog article about my 40 years with Wales McLelland it got me thinking about change. Not just because the word blog looks like a typo to me, but also because the way we build buildings is so different now than it was in the 70’s. We didn’t have computers or cell phones, or even fax machines, let alone iPads with instant access to all the project information literally at your fingertips. We had a land-line at the site office and we carried the drawings around under our arms.

When I started with Wales McLelland it was supposed to be a two week contract with a small 3 person company and 40 years later here I am directing the work of over a dozen job sites. Even when Doug and I bought the company in 1994 from Brian and Stan we were two of only four other employees, now we have more than 20 office staff and 40+ field staff. There were a lot of long hours and seven day work weeks because Doug and I wanted to make sure we kept the high values of integrity, quality, and fairness that were so important to Brian and Stan, and to us, we didn’t want to let them down. That was their legacy and I want that to be my legacy too.

I have put a lot of hard work into building a high quality construction company that always maintains the highest levels of business and personal integrity, that is why I feel like Wales McLelland is a part of me and I am a part of it. I don’t plan on going anywhere soon (except Hawaii for a vacation).