Dayhu Ball Hockey Tournament

I’d like to congratulate Dayhu Investments for putting on an excellent ball hockey tournament at their Boundary Bay Business Park on Wednesday, February 19. Our guys enjoyed themselves and had lots of fun. However, despite having Tony and Sonny cheering us on, we were unable to get a win in the round robin and did not advance. Our first game was against CBRE who won the game 5-2. Game two was against James Lang Lasalle and was our closest game with only two points difference. Braden was our star in the second game scoring 5 goals. Our third and final game was against Frontline who beat us by an amount I don’t feel comfortable repeating. The only injury we suffered was when Sonny went to buy a cup of coffee and was hit in the leg by an errant ball, luckily, it was nothing serious but he does have a very large, very purple bruise today.
All in all it was an extremely well organized event that everyone enjoyed. It was a great way to create some awareness of the park and was even covered by Global TV, you can see the full coverage here:

We look forward to hopefully another tournament next year and our guys are going to start hitting the gym in preparation. Thank you Dayhu, it was a great event.

Doug Scott,
President, P.Eng.